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National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up to establish and operate accreditation program for healthcare organizations.


NABH is an institutional member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQUA). ISQUA is an international body which grants approval to Accreditation Bodies in the area of healthcare as mark of equivalence of accreditation program of member countries.


  In India, Heath System currently operates within an environment of rapid social, economical and technical changes. Such changes raise the concern for the quality of health care. Hospital is an integral part of health care system.

  Accreditation would be the single most important approach for improving the quality of hospitals. Accreditation is an incentive to improve capacity of national hospitals to provide quality of care. National accreditation system for hospitals ensure that hospitals, whether public or private, national or expatriate, play there expected roles in national heath system.  

Benefits for Patients


Patients get the benefit of high quality  health care and patient safety. The patients are serviced by credential medical staff. Rights of patients are respected and protected.


Benefits for Hospitals


Accreditation stimulates continuous improvement. It enables hospital in demonstrating commitment to quality care. It increases community confidence in the services provided by the hospital. The hospitals accredited by NABH will have international recognition. This will boost  medical tourism.


Benefits for Hospital Staff


It provides for continuous learning, good working environment, leadership and above all ownership of clinical processes. It improves overall professional development of Staff.


Benefits to paying and regulatory bodies


Provides an objective system of empanelment by insurance and other third parties. Accreditation provides access to reliable and certified information on facilities, infrastructure and level of care.


NABH Standards has ten chapters incorporating 100 standards and 514 objective elements.


Outline of NABH Standards
Patient Centered Standards


Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)

» Care of Patient (COP)
» Management of Medication (MOM)
» Patient Right and Education (PRE)

Hospital Infection Control (HIC)


Organisation Centered Standards


Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

» Responsibility of Management (ROM)

Facility Management and Safety (FMS)

» Human Resource Management (HRM)

Information Management System(IMS)

*Source: “Quality council of India “
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