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At the second QCI National Quality Conclave in February 2007, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, then President of India, stressed the need for development of a standard for the schools to ensure quality of education across the nation. In line with this recommendation QCI has developed the Accreditation Standard for Quality School Governance. This standard provides framework for the effective management and delivery of the holistic education program aimed at overall development of the students. synonyms being breeding, civilization, coaching, cultivation, culture development, discipline, edification, enlightenment, improvement, knowledge, nurturing, teaching, training, tutoring etc


The standard has been developed in consultation with academicians, parents, administrators and quality professionals of education is characterized by creation of the capacity for life long learning. There are three basic elements for quality in education; management quality, teacher quality and student quality.

  This standard has been developed with a view to define and implement systems to provide educational services that aim to enhance satisfaction level of all interested parties, provide a basis for assessing and where required, rating the effectiveness of an educational management system, develop quality consciousness among interested parties involved in school activities.

  The standard focuses on establishing systems to enable learning, self development and improved performance. It encourages schools to pursue continual excellence. The standard is non- prescriptive; but its compliance is in conjunction with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. The standard can be adapted  
  The standard can be adapted  

as a self improvement tool

» for third party accreditation/certification

by statutory and regulatory authorities. 

*Source: “Quality council of India “
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